How To Hold A Ukulele?

How To Hold A Ukulele

The ukulele is basically a small music instrument played to produce a musically pleasing tone. Playing it is simple. If you don’t know how to play it you can as well learn since it is also very easy and simple.

In the process of learning to play this instrument, it is important to first start by learning on how to hold ukulele. The way you will hold your ukulele while playing it will actually affect how good the sound will be.

Generally there are several ways and procedures of holding this small instrument. You are advised to try a bit of them so that you can find the one that works out best.

Remember that the smaller the ukulele, the better and simple to hold it. You can choose to use a strap more especially if you are playing the tenor ukulele. This is because tenor ukulele sounds nice when you are using a strap.

Positioning Yourself To Play A Ukulele

Finding a better position before you start playing this instrument is a crucial thing. In most cases, when you want to play ukulele, you will actually have three parts in contact with your ukulele.

The forearm on the front part of the instrument behind the bridge. The underside part of the neck of the instrument and against the crook of the hand.

1st Step

When you are using traditional method, you start by picking up your ukulele using your right hand. As the neck of the instrument comes into contact with the body, grab it softly using your right hand and then wrap the front part of the instrument.

Always remember that the right hand is the hand you will be using to strum the strings regardless of your dominant hand.

Try and move the instrument slightly higher or lower to press it on your chest. Ensure that it is parallel to the ground and the neck of the instrument is held with a slight angle to position it well.

2nd Step

The next step is to cradle the instrument with the right arm. You can do this by keeping the elbow of your hand at 90 degrees angle.

Allow the end part of your instrument to press against the forearm. While doing this, ensure that you hold your instrument tighter so that it won’t slip and fall. Also avoid squeezing it too tightly.

Put your left hand thumb behind the neck and then wrap the rest of the fingers around the front part of the neck and ensure that the fingers are always parallel to the frets. Make sure that, it’s only your fingers that touches the neck.

3rd Step

It is important to remember that your left arm should never hold the weight of your instrument and avoid grasping the neck. By making the light touch will allow you move the fingers freely up and down while strumming the frets.

The left elbow should be kept away from the body. Let there be a straight line from the elbow into the wrist. You can only twist the wrist if you are playing difficult chords. But the wrist should stay straight.

Extend the right hand along the bottom side of the instrument. Let your wrist be straight but allow the fingers cup the bottom side of the ukulele. Strum using the thumb or an index finger.

4th Step

This ukulele can also be held using different variations. If you are comfortable with the left hand you can then play with it. Play with the hand that you are comfortable with so that you can have the experience you want.

In case you are using your left hand, hold and strum it using the left hand and then play the frets with the right hand. You may then reverse the instructions since most of them are written using the right hand.

But if you are not comfortable reversing the playing instructions, it is recommended that you change the arrangements of the strings so that the G-string becomes the top string as you hold it using the left arm.

5th Step

If you want to hold your ukulele while sitting, you can rest this small instrument on your legs. To properly play it, you can turn it so that its neck is held up slightly at a comfortable angle. This is more important especially if you are playing a larger instrument.

After advancing, you may not need to support your instrument by holding it on its bottom. Instead support the instrument using the forearm and then float the wrist above the sound hole and then strum it softly.

While standing, you can use the strap in supporting the instrument. This will enable you to play with easiness. You can also use the guitar strap since it works well also.

Checking Your Position

Check to see that everything is okay. Move the hand away to check and see if your instrument stays in place. This can be done by fretting it with your hand and then use the strumming hand. This should be done while sitting on your chair.

Ensure that you always have one hand on the instrument. Check the position on the elbow and ensure it is kept at the right angle. This will help in protecting the instrument from slipping off.

Reach all the chords by always practicing fingering. Try and play few simple chords. Adjust the instrument to reach your hands properly. At any time stretch to reach the chords.

Final Verdict

Finally ukuleles have become popular instrument in the music industry. This small instrument is liked by many players because of its wonderful tones it produces when playing it. It is easy and simple to play.

Players who have passion in playing this instrument can learn and understand it quickly. As we have seen above, learning on how to hold this instrument while playing it is actually important.

There are few steps followed to hold it properly and bring good music out of it. Follow the above steps and your music experience with this instrument will be absolutely gorgeous.