Kmise Soprano Ukulele Review

Kmise Soprano Ukulele Review


How importunate are you to procure a ukulele that is capable to secure your wants? Have you sought for “All-in-One” product and it all your effort has been to no avail? If yes, then we’ve got you covered with our Kmise soprano ukulele review which is undoubtedly one of the best ukuleles that can be purchased in the market.

In spite of that, it’s essential that customers have adequate knowledge about the product that they are about to buy, why? Because it would help them be either more or less decisive about the decision they are about making.

Trust me, this review has come with dependable pieces of information that can help them out. This is the ukulele that comes with a colorful strap which you can backpack and use to lug around easily.

In fact, it’s made of mahogany with a satin finish. Of course, this feature contributes to the lightweight of the instrument. Also, one of the magnificent features of this product is that the strings that are soft to strum.

Unlike some other products, this comes with gig bag, tuner, already-fixed strings, and straps. In other words, you don’t have to spend extras on some of these necessary features as they all come with it. The copper tuner makes it easy to fix the sounds.

And the harmony in its resonance is super interesting to stay in tune with the tutor. With 15 frets on the fretboard and fret wire which is made of cupronickel, of course, no doubt makes clean intonation with enjoyable time-play.

There are several exciting features that will definitely intrigue you. So, let’s check them in a systematic and expository way. So, here are our amazing features.

Kmise Soprano Ukulele Review | 5 Major Features

1. Advanced Gear Ratio & Tuner

The gear ratio is one of the determinants that gives the absolute futuristic on how the convenient use of a string instrument would be. The gear ratio is evaluated on how many turns an output shaft can affect the torque of the input shaft.

Of course, this uses 18:1 copper gear. The significance of using this is that it’s very easy to manage. Have you been complacent with the imperfectness of your gear ratio because the turner is well to do?

Then don’t wait until the product that you’re disappointed unprepared. But procure this soprano ukulele that its vintage copper tuner is easy to adjust and turn.

2. Quality Strings and Fret

This product uses easy-to-strum strings which are made from D’ Addario carbon-nylon strings. These quality strings are finger friendly as they make quality resonance at each strum.

Not only that, soundboard adjacent to the strings, and the fretboard and the bridge which are both made of walnut helps in the reproductions of high sounds. Also, it’s paramount to know that this uses ox bone nut and saddle to magnify the intonations.

Why is the Ox bone nut and saddle distinct? Of course, the sound wave is a mechanical wave that transfer disturbance from one medium to another that causes no permanent displacement in its medium.

And commonly, the intensity of the wave from the start point to the end-point is determined by the nature of the nut and saddle that is used.

However, using bone, in this case, helps to propel the sound intensity of the sound reproduced by strumming than one that is made of mold. So, these are the features that help in the high sounding power of the product.

3. Inimitable Design

This ukulele is made of mahogany and satin finish. The product uses 4 strings that are replaceable. Also, it has 15 frets which can possibly help starters to easily learn how to play it.

Thus, this ukulele is lightweight and can easily be used irrespective of users’ age. Also, right on its flank, you’ll find the 2 buttons that you can use to attach the rosette-like strap.

It’s a sounding instrument that has a dimension of 21 x 4 x 4 inches that weighs 1.5pounds. Here is the geometrical measurement of the product:

  • Its width at 12th fret: 1.77″.
  • Its width at Nut: 1.38″.
  • The G String action at 1st fret: 0.019″.
  • The G String action at 12th fret: 0.11″± 0.008″.

4. Packages

Of course, it will be annoying to buy a product that has no package, right? However, this comes with 6 different packages.

Among the numerous packages that you’ll find are the 1 x Soprano Ukulele, a gig bag, a strap, a strap, a tuner, an extra string, and an instructional book. Trust me, it’s very easy to use them flawlessly.

5. Performance

The strings used for the construction of this instrument don’t sound buzzy. Just like many others, it can lose the sound synergy at first. But when it’s consistently in use then it will consistently be steady by reproducing lucid intonations.

Also, there are the same doted signs on 5, 7, 12 and 15 on the fretboard at the same position inlays. This helps starters to understand where each note lies when playing the spring sounding instruments.

Why Should You Use Kmise Soprano Ukulele?

Why Should You Use Kmise Soprano Ukulele

1. Complete Accessories

If at all you are still perplexed on why you should buy this, then this is the best reason. The accessories that come with the purchase of this product are enough to make you start using it.

2. Battery

This uses 1 CR2 battery to increase the performance of the instrument. The battery ensures that you’re getting the resonance and the sound that you need.

3. Online Tutorial

The online tutorial that you can find on the manufacturer’s website is well detailed on how to use it. The tutorial has been a wide problem solver for years past. It proffers solution to popular customers’ questions.

4. Lightweight

This is lightweight and it can be used for long. This weighs 1.54pounds without battery. And even with one CR2 battery, it’s still not going to consume much of your strength.

5. Dependability

The Kmise Corporation is known for their quality customer service they offer. They are easy to get across to and they ensure that all their customers are satisfied with their service.

Product Benefits

  • It’s made of mahogany and finished satin
  • It uses a gear ratio of 18:1
  • There is an online tutorial platform for easy set-ups and learning
  • It’s highly dependable for long-term use.
  • It comes with complete packages
  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s usable with strap

The Negative Things

  • None

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my 8 Years Old Child this Ukulele?

Answer: It can be used by both adults and young.

2. I live in California, if I’m to Purchase this on Amazon, How long will it take?

Answer: They delivery will probably take 3-5 days.

3. Please, can someone help me with the Measurement from the String to the Fretboard?

Answer: 1/8 inches.

4. Is this Cheap?

Answer: Yes, it’s highly affordable.

5. What material is the String Made of?

Answer: Carbon Nylon strings which are very easy to strum with.

Final Verdict

Our Kmise Soprano Ukulele Review is basically great for prospective users that need a nice sounding spring instrument. This can be used by both new and old users.

The strings of this ukulele don’t leave out of its position even when it’s heavily strummed. The design is awesome with it inimitable looks. Of course, this is highly recommended as it has the capability to last long.