Acoustic Bass Guitar – Selecting the Best One To Buy

Are you a novice and want to acquire some guitar skills? How about trying out an Acoustic Bass Guitar? Although, they are very less complicated compared to their counterparts, the same, emit a very warm and melancholic sound.

Very easy to set up, and are known for their clarity and tone. While you get fascinated by the different rock concerts, but, knowing that there too, the acoustic versions are an integral part. Folks, blues or organic music- they are the base!

Shopping For the Best Acoustic Bass Guitar

While there are so many versions available everywhere, picking up the right one can be a real pain. When you don’t want to spend your bucks in some form of weedy or shrill projections, here, you’re at the right place.

The links below will just take you on tour to some of the best acoustic bass guitar reviews. Take a look.

1. Dean EAB – A combo of Electric-Acoustic Bass Guitar

Are you a beginner? Try this piece out to feel and play so many interesting tunes. It has an intense tone and projection and very handy to be used with ease. The top note? Price is very reasonable with so many features at the same time.

  • The right wood-a combo of mahogany and rosewood for the right balance.
  • Authentic shape with larger chamber
  • Amazing projection and resonance
  • Strong and sturdy
  • With plug-in features
  • Inexpensive
  • Problem with binding
  • Simple tuners
  • Basic electronics

acoustic bass guitar


2. Ibanez AEB5EBK – The Black Beauty

It is far more stylish than the previous Dean version. With sleek neck, the electronics are very sophisticated and have good fittings. When it comes to the sound, it is very tuneful. So, if you are a performer and go live, this will be a worthy purchase.

  • Mahogany top with rosewood fretboard
  • Very comfortable scale
  • Gives a uniform tune when amplified or unplugged
  • A very good projection
  • Better tone clarity
  • Very easy to use
  • The bass is not at par when several instruments are unplugged.

Ibanez AEB5EBK


3. Fender Kingman – The Californian Version

When it comes to tune, the sound is much more sweet and clean than its competitors here. Its shape projects out a very natural tone. With very strong durability, it gives out uniform sound, no matter, it is played plugged or in acoustic. Definitely, a bass guitar is to be tried.

  • One can play in both forms- acoustic bass and Jazz bass
  • Very smooth for upper range tunes
  • Easy to handle
  • Extra slim maple neck, ensures better fretwork
  • A combination of mahogany, rosewood and laminated body
  • Comes with hard-shell case
  • Comparatively smaller body

Fender Kingman


4. Seagull S6 – The original Acoustic Guitar

The wood used in this model is very strong, and this feature makes it a very durable guitar. The visual appearance is amazing enough to give it a traditional appeal. With mellow and rich sound, this is the best buy if you want to try out some finger picking or more organic music like folk.

  • Made up of cedar wood, gives out good projection and tone
  • Very durable and is not affected by changes in temperature and air pressure
  • Cherry gives out a different sound quality, making it unique
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • It is a left-hander guitar model

Seagull S6


5. Epiphone DR-100 – The Vintage Model

So, even if you are a beginner or an advanced level player, you’re not going to get any better version than this. Very low priced, this Acoustic Bass Guitar has a very rich sound, making it perfect for any genre of music. Along with the playing ease, the choice of colors gives you wide option. A perfect workhorse that easily fits in your budget.

  • The right wood for excellent tonal quality
  • Suitable for any form of concerts
  • With truss-rod, it is very easy to adjust
  • Strings are not that good
  • Some issue with the quality
  • Buzzing issues

Epiphone DR-100


What Should You Look For While Purchasing?

Okay, you have these 5 top versions. But, we understand very well that shopping is a very daunting task. Let us make this easy for you. Remember to consider these tips before purchasing. Here we go.

  • Deep Body, Wide Holes: When it comes to sound projection, acoustic bass and acoustic guitar do not produce the same sound. And, a bigger body will help in projecting the tones well.
    While higher tones resonate very easily, there will be a requirement of some extra space for lower tones to amplify. So, it is essential to consider the size when you are going for shopping a bass version.
  • Woods: This is the next and bigger consideration that we shouldn’t overlook. Okay, to get good sound, consider having back or sides made up of mahogany, rosewood or koa. And for the top, you can go for either spruce or pine.
    Even look for the woods for fretboards too. Maple and rosewood are the best options to get a better projection and clarity in sound.
  • Budget: While acoustic bass guitars are ranging from a higher budget to a small budget, If you have a meager budget, try to consider these discussed factors while shopping.
    Although you may not get the best one, it is for sure that whatever you’ll pick, will give you a good play time. But, if you’re a professional and earning really well, you have all the option in this world.

Well, this guide is surely going to help you pick the best one. Purchase the one, and compose some of the amazing tunes. These Acoustic Bass Guitars will definitely give you one of the best musical times!

Happy playing!